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When best friends and bourbon meet

It all began in May of 2009 when Mark bought a cool commercial location in Arvada and created Mile High Wine Cellars. Then in 2017, Mark and one of his golfing buddies, Jeff, had the idea to buy Corks the Wine Store on Platte in Denver. They upgraded the focus to Corks on Platte - a niche liquor store with a great beer, wine, and liquor selection. It was a big hit and five years later they bought a LoHi location and named it Corks LoHi (Platte's sister store) to serve the ever growing neighborhood of Denver's Highlands. Whether you live in Denver or Arvada or are just passing through, stop by at any location to enjoy a niche selection of craft beers, fine wines, and local spirits selected by yours truly.


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“New owners in LoHi. Very impressive selection of beer, wine, whiskey, bourbon, tequila, cider, mead, and hard kombucha. These guys try hard to get in everything the community wants and they even take recommendations if you don’t see something you want.”


“Awesome liquor store I’m glad these guys are over here now they have a great selection and are expanding it. I always appreciate it when a store takes a request and orders something you suggest. The staff is awesome and fun to talk to.”


“Place is pretty legit for beer. They have a really broad but curated selection of Colorado top breweries alongside a few out of state classics. Rob is pretty knowledgeable and helpful with recommendations, the prices are very fair, and it's clean and organized.”


Mile High Wine Cellars

15400 W 64th Ave E7
Arvada, CO 80007

Corks LoHi

3244 Navajo St
Denver, CO 80211

Corks on Platte

1620 Platte St B
Denver, CO 80202